Thursday, May 21, 2009

Response 61: Use the words "style" and "market"

I like to go in style when I go to the market. I put on my blonde wig, red lipstick,
thigh highs, silk panties, blow in the wind skirt, white button down blouse
and high heels. Nobody recognizes me, I don't recognize myself...

-C.C. Long

Response 60: Use the words "style" and "market"

Near the market off of Via del Mulini, the girl stood waiting as the venditore dug the scoop deep into the tray of gelato, twisting it high on the waffled cone and powdering the top with confectioners’ sugar, in the style her grandmother’s letters had described.

-Paul Massey

Response 59: Use the words "style" and "market"

Her style was just as unsightly as her prompt. Her caterpillar eyebrow furrowed as she pointed at the clock. The rest poured intoxicating ink on their papers trying to answer the prompt in essay style quickly. I ignored the teachers stare as I answered the prompt in my own style.

-Ariel Culver

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Response 58: Use the words "style" and "market"

Sitting outside another South American market, I look down at my tattered wardrobe and wonder what had happened to my style. Had my trip had replaced my cool, hip clothes with life experience? All I wear are these worn threads and that’s all I need to smile.

-Paul Cox

Response 57: Use the words "style" and "market"

Discuss ‘style’ and ‘market’ in front of a client again and you’re sacked!” and with that the stilettos click-clacked off, carrying the bony monster away. Sheila couldn’t see her own red rimmed eyes, couldn’t afford more weight, and couldn’t swallow the shame. Got down before the porcelain shrine and prayed.

-Stacy Ann Goetting

Response 56: Use the words "style" and "market"

She was dressed like Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Black dress, pearl necklace, and incredible style. The people in the market blinked when she smiled at them. I watched her as she walked around the aisles, discretely looking into people’s baskets and taking their items. They didn’t seem notice.

-Mary Desjean

Response 55: Use the words "style" and "market"

Walking amidst the chattering mass of people in the market, I noticed the odd items for sale: skin, hair, teeth, and the scattered offerings of finger and toenails. I stared with satisfaction at my coconut-sized ball of earwax and looked around for the right buyer. I liked these peoples' style.

-Rexwell Havershatt Nomenclature